Sponsors & Exhibitors

Our thanks go to our main sponsor Pingpong:

PING PONG is a complete system for web-based learning and administration of educational activities. Our mission is to give you the technology you need to turn your ideas into results and exceed your learners expectations in the simplest and most enjoyable way possible. Successful education is fun!

EuroCALL offers exhibitors the possibility to hire a stand at the conference venue at the cost of €750 Euros. In connection to the foyer there will be space available, for regular sized display stands. Exhibitors may bring their own stands or request stands from the organisers.

By supporting EUROCALL 2012 there is an opportunity to contribute to the success of the conference and gain advantage by taking part either as a sponsor, an exhibitor or both. Besides the benefit(s) of attending the event, sponsors and exhibitors will get the opportunity to inform about their company or organisation and to promote their activities and products to a motivated audience.

Contact us for more information info@eurocall2012.eu



The University of Gothenburg

Department of Education, Communication and Learning and LinCS 
Department of Literatures and Languages 

Chalmers University of Technology

Division for language and communication, Department of Applied IT